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Fun With Magnets (Quite Literally)

Posted by Michael VanderMeer on

When my children asked for a magnetic set, I was a bit skeptical because they are 3 and 5 years of age. How much could they understand and appreciate the scientific wonders that constitute magnetism? Honestly, I only ever understood the basics since I never had a strong interest in "science-science." I've always been more interested in the philosophy of science, but that could be a discussion for another time.

Still, I have a firm parental philosophy of never squelching my sons' interest in learning new things. So, as a consequence of my philosophy, I felt obliged to pick up Fun With Magnets as a beginning kit to gauge  their interest without breaking our bank account. 

I was shocked, to say the least, by the enthusiasm and longevity of their interest in magnetism that followed their receipt of the kit.

From the moment they opened Fun With Magnets, they were constantly learning new scientific principles and actively applying what they learn to their surroundings.

Beyond learning the "simple" rules of magnetism, this kit included educational cards that will provide fun activities for children to apply the rules in fun experiments. 

My children's favorite activity is the "art of levitation." Every day, multiple times a day, my children will setup the magnets in such a way to cause them to levitate a cm apart. 

I always ask them, "Is this magic? How are you doing this?"

Their response never changes, "No Daddy, it's not magic. It's SCIENCE!"

They've gone on to examine every surface and object in our house to see if an object is attracted to magnets. 

This brought about an interesting conversation between my children:

My Three-Year-Old: "Why won't this stick to the magnet?"

My Five-Year-Old: "Well, that object is not ferromagnetic because it is plastic."

My Three-Year-Old: "Oh, okay. Hey Dad, plastic is not ferromagnetic."

Now, I could deduce the likely meaning of "ferromagnetic," but I cannot claim that I knew that the term fits the principle. So, I googled it and they were right. I learned a new word and its definition. And I'm thirty-three years old.

Needless to say, I was, and am, extremely proud of their ability to learn and apply scientific principles with such ease and accuracy. Months later, their enthusiasm for this kit continues and they have used it to advance their understanding of magnetism outside of what the kit has to offer on its educational cards. 

I can personally attest to the positive impact that Fun With Magnets can have on children and the furtherance of knowledge that can be gained by using this kit to go further with some fun educational videos.

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