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6 Simple Tips for Making Art a Part of Your Child’s Development

Posted by Miller Pads & Paper on

One of the most common expressions of human imagination is the arts. It crosses all cultural and national barriers and has been a staple of the advancement of civilization through the centuries.

Understanding those simple truths makes it plain that art should be an important aid to the development of your child. In this week’s blog post, we are going to examine six easy tips that will start you on the path of using art to advance your child’s development. Next week’s article is going to examine some of the benefits that art plays in the development of your child.

Have Arts and Crafts supplies available at all times

One of the simplest things we can do as parents is to have art supplies at the ready for whenever your child feels the desire to express himself. My toddler loves to draw and color or bang away on the piano or use utensils to bang on whatever surface is nearest to him.

We have a drawer full of papercolored pencils and crayons that is easily accessible to our son so that he can enjoy the simple pleasures of doodling. While we haven’t been brave enough to let him have paints yet, we are looking forward to pulling out some new sidewalk chalk to let him draw on the biggest canvas we have… the driveway.

Celebrate your child’s artwork

95% of the time, I have no clue what my child is drawing but he knows that he’s up to when he pulls out his sketchbook. Despite not knowing what we are seeing, we make a point of celebrating our son’s artwork every time he makes something new.

Why not go a step further? Take an active role in your child’s drawing and artistic outpouring. Every time my son starts drawing, I’ll sit down next to him and draw various shapes. This affords me the opportunity to teach him about shapes and colors and it engages him on a whole different level.

Read books to your child every day

I can never stress enough the importance of reading to your child and developing a passion for reading. Every day we spend hours reading to our son. Sometimes it is the same book that he loves, while at other times we read new books to see what else he may be interested in now.

I have read Bert and Ernie’s First Book of Opposites so many times that I have memorized the whole book. Despite this fact, my son still loves to sit down and read it with me six or seven times a day. Personally, some of my favorite books to read him are from the Usborne collection of story books including, Bible StoriesGreek MythsNorse MythsStories from Around the World and more!

Visit the Arts

This tip is fun for the whole family because it is simple. Get out of the house and visit your local museums, concerts and theater productions! Some of my fondest memories as a child involved going to our local museum which was filled with fun and interactive exhibit. I remember that our museum had a giant whale skeleton that hung from the ceiling that I could stare up at or visit the third floor to be at eye level with the exhibit. It’s never too young to attend professional productions of plays or listen to the local symphony.

Talk to your children about the artistic interests

Art is not simply coloring or painting, but ranges from music to theater to writing. Listen to what interests your child and encourage whatever they are passionate about. Encouragement does not have to be expensive or costly classes, but taking an active interest. Additionally, check out YouTube, there is probably a video out there to help your child expand their gifts and abilities!

Enroll in an Art Class

If creating stick figures is the extent of your artistic prowess, don’t worry about it! Instead, create a fun bonding experience with your child by attending a local art class. This will allow both of you to improve your artistic game and create unforgettable memories.  

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