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The Insider's Guide to the Miller's Blank History Timelines

Posted by Miller Pads & Paper on

Hands down, one of our most popular products that we have ever created at Miller Pads & Paper is our Blank History Timelines. It was originally created many years ago to meet the demands of the homeschool market as our teams traveled the United States (we still do today).

The timelines quickly became a huge hit within the homeschool community due to the quality of material that we use, which has remained unchanged to this day, and the versatility of that the timeline offered our customers. We'll go into more detail about these features further along in the article.

The Quality of the Build

One of the reasons why our Blank History Timelines are so popular today, as well as the past, is due to the quality of the materials that we use to create each timeline. We started off by using high-quality 80# sulphite paper that we use in printing each page of the timeline. This paper was selected due to the versatility it offered our customers for drawing, painting or using any other medium to create beautiful timelines.

Each page has a timeline printed on each side to ensure that you will have plenty of timelines available for multiple projects. Black ink was selected so that each line would be clearly distinguished from any drawings or painting that might be drawn on it.

Additionally, each timeline is spiral-bound so that the pages can easily lay on any surface without bowing or creasing. This feature also has the added bonus of allowing you a longer timeline so that you can use two pages instead of one for those longer projects, or more detailed projects.

Each Timeline contains a blank card stock cover that offers protection from wear and tear as you travel around with your timeline. We intentionally left the cover blank so that you can draw or paint on the cover to give it a unique look. As for the back cover, each timeline sports a high-quality cardboard back. The back allows even greater rigidity and security to your timeline.

What Uses Can I Put A Blank History Timeline To?

Good question, I am glad you asked! The beauty of our Blank History Timelines is that you can use it for whatever you can imagine. Quite literally, the possibilities are endless and are truly limited only by your imagination.

You can narrow your scope of history to a specific period of time that ranges a couple of years or even a few months. Or, you can widen it and cover the hundreds of years!

One example would be the progression of Christian denominations from the Protestant Reformation to today, which will span roughly the last 500 years. However, you don't have to limit yourself to something like traditional history. 

Instead, you could follow the development of the computer over the last 70 years. Or, you could chart out the significant scientific discoveries for the last 3000 years! We've even had companies that have bought our timelines to use for mapping out their business and marketing strategies!

This encapsulates the beauty of the Blank History Timelines, you can put them to an endless number of uses. Take a second and think about what you are currently working on and how you could use our timelines to expand your understanding of your project, whether it be in school or in the workplace! 

If you order two or more Blank History Timelines, you qualify for an automatic discount that will take place in your cart or at the checkout lane. It never hurts to have a spare or two lying around the house for when the moment of inspiration strikes!

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