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Sargent Art -Assorted Colored Pencils

Sargent Art

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Create beautiful, creative works with this assorted colored pencils set. This kit features different colored pencils that you can use for a wide variety of artistic projects. Each piece comes in a full-sized 7" length and is already pre-sharpened for your convenience. The Sargent Art colored pencils are particularly useful for illustrating, drawing and special effect blending. Excellent colors for drawing and sketching Thick 3.3 millimeter leads Comes in a peg gable, see-thru window box 12 Count Colors Orange, Brown, Blue, Violet, Black, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Red, Rose Pink, White and Light Blue. 24 Count Colors White, Orange, Rose, Brown, Light Blue, Blue, Violet, Black, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Red, Golden Yellow, Mahogany, Pink, Dark Blue, Gray, Lemon Yellow, Magenta, Red-Orange, Salmon, Silver, Red-Violet, and Peach.