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SpellChecked Card Game

Teacher Created Resources

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About this item

  • Players earn points for naming the image and spelling it correctly. If they cant spell the word correctly, they can earn points for choosing from three options, only one of which is spelled correctly.
  • There's the option of playing decks with more challenging words, so players of all capabilities can compete against one another and everyone has a chance to win.
  • Includes an instruction sheet and 208-full color cards.
  • 200 spelling cards and 8 spellchecker cards. For 2-8 players
  • Fun for Everyone: Spellchecked is ideal for anyone ages 8 and over, and it can be played with groups of 2–8 players. Play it with third graders or sixth graders. Play it with friends or aunts or grandparents. The more advanced the level, the tougher the words are to spell and the fewer points correct answers are worth. In this way, Spellchecked gives every player a chance to show what they know and to win.