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The Civil War Visual Encyclopedia

DK Publishing

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Discover the people, battles, and politics of America's bloodiest conflict. Explore its causes, chapters, characters, and consequences.

With a topic on every page, Civil War Visual Encyclopedia tells the story of the war using simple explanations and stunning photographs. Profiles on decisive battles, strategic maps, political leaders, military commanders, naval vessels, uniforms, weapons, and equipment shine a light on the key events and other turning points during the five years of fighting. Find out about the child soldiers who fought valiantly and the healthcare heroes who made groundbreaking differences. Read about the railroads and how the media reported on the war via the telegraph! Discover eyewitness accounts and personal letters. Learn about the reasons behind the war and its lasting impact: the abolition of slavery.

More lives were lost in the Civil War than in any other in American history. Filled with vivid insights into this historic conflict - from a day in the life of a plantation worker in the south to a personal diary entry of a Union soldier on the action-packed front lines - Civil War Visual Encyclopedia invites young readers to witness the war unfold in a striking new way. This is the ultimate guide for children to the war that changed the USA forever.