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What could make the classic, best board game of bingo even better? Geography! GeoBingo USA is a riotous family game and educational game that livens up learning the US states and capitals. Just flip a card, put a bingo chip on your board if you have the state that was called, and keep watching your board. The first one to get five states in a row gets bingo! GeoBingo USA includes cards that show the land area, population and nickname of each US state and capital. This means fast geography facts for fast fun with the best board game around! GeoBingo USA family game and educational game comes in a box with everything you need: 8 GeoBingo boards, 50 cards of the US states and capitals, and 75 bingo chips. Can be played by up to 8 individuals or teams. For ages 4 and up. Geotoys designs and creates puzzles of the cities and countries of the world, geography games, and other high-quality educational toys and gifts that find their ways into the hands of kids everywhere! Founded in 2005 by a traveling dad, Geotoys makes geography fun in hopes of developing the natural curiosity in all kids and creating global citizens. Geographic twist on classic bingo game Includes 50 state cards and 8 Bingo boards with 25 states on each board First to get five states in a row wins! State cards include map, population and land area of each state Made in China.