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Smart Start Beginning Coding, Grade 1

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Give your first grader a strong computer science foundation with Smart Start: Beginning Coding Stories and Activities.

Children will learn important coding concepts with engaging stories and practice activities. Based on the K-12 Computer Science Framework, this dynamic early learning series helps children understand coding concepts to develop a strong foundation in computer science, including computational thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Each full-color activity book is organized into eight themed units around one coding concept and includes:

- Coding stories that demonstrate what coders do and include an audio read-aloud feature - Concept pages that connect coding concepts to real-world situations - Practice activities that reinforce important coding rules - Review pages for every coding concept practiced.

- Coding projects with print-based games and puzzles - Mini coding handbook with key terms Computer science concepts and skills help early learners become critical thinkers by practicing the building blocks of thinking such as:

- Algorithms that design simple steps to solve problems - Decomposition that shows how to break down complex problems into smaller ones - Sequencing that demonstrates how the order of things is important - Pattern recognition that makes connections between similar problems Programming language concepts such as:

- Debugging that shows how to look for mistakes and correct them - Loops that can be used to save time by instructing a computer to repeat an action - Conditionals that teach children how to create "if_then_" statements Children will also practice a variety of readiness skills such as print awareness, visual discrimination, following directions, and fine motor skills.

*Includes answer key*