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Skill Sharpeners: STEAM, Grade K

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Engage young children in solving real-world problems with Skill Sharpeners: STEAM. STEAM is an approach to project-based learning that uses science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to engage children in empathizing, thinking critically, collaborating, and coming up with solutions to solve real-world problems.

Skill Sharpeners: STEAM is where creativity meets academics. Each unit includes a fun hands-on STEAM project that encourages children to enjoy the journey of creating and sharing his or her solution to help create a better world.

Skill Sharpeners: STEAM activity books for kindergarten are organized around 9 real-world topics related to the environment, the Earth, people and cultures, and social and emotional learning. Topics include themes such as:

-Instruments STEAM task: Write steps to make an original instrument; Make an original instrument.

- Plastic Bags STEAM task: Make an original reusable bag.

- Screen Time STEAM task: Make an original game and explain how to play it.

- Feelings STEAM task: Make a book to show different feelings.

- Old Playground STEAM task: Make a model of a playground children will want to visit.

Each unit includes a grade-appropriate story or nonfiction reading article, a STEAM task to solve, and activities that provide an integrated approach to learning:

- Science: important concepts and vocabulary related to the units theme

- Technology: models about how technology is applied in the real world

- Engineering: examples of engineering solutions in the world

- Art: creative solutions through art projects

- Math: math operations to figure out solutions

Plus, each title includes a:

- Career spotlight that highlights specific careers related to the topic

- Supply list for each STEAM task

- Bonus STEAM puzzle

- Certificate of completion

- Answer key

Bonus feature: Each book includes a downloadable Teaching Guide ($19.99 value!) for using this series in a classroom or homeschool. The Teaching Guide provides instructional support, extension activities, and a sample pacing plan and template.

Skill Sharpeners: STEAM creates entertaining and fun activities that get children thinking and learning without even realizing it.