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Daily Higher-Order Thinking: Grade 3

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Help train students' brains. Students will learn to apply thinking skills in language arts, math, science, and social studies in these short, daily exercises. You hear so much today about teaching students higher-order thinking skills and critical thinking skills. The bottom line is you want them to be good thinkers; to be able to look at a situation, think through it, and come up with a solution. These exercises are intended to do just that. Each activity focuses on a behavioral verb, listed at the top of each one-page activity visualize, distinguish, recommend, etc. Each day, students will read a scenario or word problem and complete the questions or activities as instructed. Photocopying is permitted for your family or classroom. 176 pgs, pb. ~ Donna Critical thinking skills are more important than ever in academic and real-world situations. Daily Higher-Order Thinking provides you with daily activities that build and grow students' problem-solving skills in engaging formats such as logic and visual puzzles, brainteasers, creative writing, picture comparison, word play, and what if questions.Daily 20-minute practice lessons help students apply critical thinking skills across subject areas. The lessons develop students' higher-order thinking skills and allow them to integrate their learning and make deeper connections between their learning and the real world.Use Daily Higher-Order Thinking for warm-up exercises, extension activities, early finisher tasks, and small-group center activities to develop your students' critical and creative thinking skills.How it works: Monday-Friday: Full-page daily activities focus on a specific behavioral verb each day. The verb is defined at the top of the page so students become aware of when and how they are using the thinking skill. Each full-page activity gives students an opportunity to practice a higher-order thinking skill in the context of a different curriculum area. Questions and tasks are open-ended and can be used to promote peer-to-peer discussions as students share and discuss answers, while also fostering critical thinking skills. An answer key provides sample responses for each day's activities. Evaluate students' responses based on your own expectations and on what content your students have encountered. Grade 3 activities include: logic puzzles, creative writing, picture comparisons, and what if questions. Daily lessons practice higher-order thinking skills such as: Analyzing Predicting Modeling Composing Organizing Evaluating Designing Critiquing