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Bargain Math (Life Skills)

Remedia Publications

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Practical Activities to Teach How to Shop Bargains
Early knowledge of the wisdom of shopping wisely helps to establish valuable, lifelong consumer habits. Introduce students to the many ways they can judge a purchase to determine if it is the best possible choice. The math word problems will help reinforce the lessons presented and promote awareness of the advantages to smart shopping. 64 pages.

Realistic Math Practice Include:
-Practical Math Activities
-Realistic Word Problems
-High-Interest Lessons
-Making Purchases
-Reading Level 6-8

More About This Book
Everybody loves a bargain! Teach students to become successful bargain hunters with the engaging, real-life activities featured throughout this book. Consumer math skills are sharpened by offering students lots of practice recognizing bargains and computing savings. Activities using realistic newspaper ads, various types of coupons, unit pricing, multiple item pricing, package pricing, and bulk pricing provide valuable experience in comparing prices and making wise shopping decisions. Students will use what they have learned to get the best deal on buying a car, taking a trip, and renting an apartment. High-interest word problems ask students to decide whether to add, subtract, multiply and/or divide money to find a solution. Some activities require students to figure percentages.
Improve your students' real-life money skills!