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Mysteries in History-American History

Teacher Created Resources

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Challenge students to explore several important unexplained events that helped shape history. Students use primary source materials, posters, and simulations to find clues and to make informed decisions about these events. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. These real-life mysteries encourage students to research, think, debate, and form conclusions. 144 pages, softcover.


  • What became of the lost colony at Roanoke?
  • Who really discovered the Americas?
  • What caused the Salem witch trials?
  • Was Abraham Lincoln's assassination a conspiracy?
  • What caused the explosion on the Maine?
  • Who really kidnapped the Lindbergh baby?
  • What happened to Emelia Earhart?
  • Were the Rosenbergs wrongly convicted?
  • Who was behind the assassination of JFK?
  • The activities target standards in these areas:
  • relationships and patterns in history
  • historical perspective
  • map skills
  • functions of law in society
  • presentation skills