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Jonathan Park: Call of the Exodus - Series 11

Wiseking Audio

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On the heels of discovering Joseph s empty tomb, God opens another exciting door for Jonathan and his friends as they join a new archaeological team in Kahun. Fascinating clues emerge that unlock the mysteries of the Exodus right before their eyes! The jaw-dropping evidence is too compelling to be a coincidence small burial boxes, plague pits, ancient Egyptian writings, priceless artifacts, and a papyrus that reads a lot like the 12 plagues in the Bible! But Damon Maddox plot to derail this groundbreaking expedition has now been elevated to a whole new level!

4-CD Series Pack Includes all 4 albums of Call of the Exodus!

Album 1: Prophet of Destiny Album 2: Heart of Stone Album 3: The King's Curse Album 4: The Daunting Passage