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Extreme Dots & Boxes Game Pad

Miller Pads and Paper

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Dots and Boxes is a fun two-player game that originates in the 19th century. Since its creation, it has captivated everyone from children playing in the car to bored mathematicians! It has gone under other names such as boxes, pigs in a pen and game of dots. It is a deceiving game that appears simple on paper, but quickly shows how complicated and unique it is in reality. It is a game of strategy, sacrifice and foresight! Each sheet contains a single game of EXTREME Dots & Boxes! This game is not for the faint of heart and will push your logic and foresight to the extreme. If you are looking for a tamer version, check out our Dots & Boxes Game Pad which contains three different levels of difficulty! Each pad contains 50 sheets so that you can play plenty of games! The game works best when you use other colored pens, so stop by our gel pen selection for some great choices! How to Play Each player takes a turn drawing one line. If that line competes a square, then the player will write their initial in the box and she/he will get to draw another line. Play will continue until all the dots have been connected. The player with the most boxes wins the game!If you want to see a game played out, check out the video tab and watch the video!