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Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Fantasy Flight Games

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In Imperial Assault, 2-5 players join forces in an epic Star Wars adventure based on the Descent 2.0 system of combat and dungeon exploration. One player will control the Galactic Empire, pitting the Rebel Alliance against squadrons of Stormtroopers, deadly beasts, and even Darth Vader himself. The other players take control of Rebel Alliance Heroes, going on missions to continue their fight against the Empire. Can the Rebel Alliance work together to accomplish their missions, or will the Empire bring its forces to bear and squash the Rebellion? Find out in Imperial Assault! Included: 1 Threat and Round Dial 59 Double-Sided Map Tiles 4 Door Tokens w/ Plastic Stands 34 Figures (Including an AT-ST) 11 Dice 2 Blue 2 Red 2 Yellow 2 Green 2 Black 1 White 1 Rules Reference Guide 1 Campaign Guide 1 Skirmish Guide 6 Hero Sheets 39 Deployment Cards 10 Story Mission Cards 14 Side Mission Cards 18 Agenda Cards 5 Reference Cards 54 Hero Class Cards 27 Imperial Class Cards 36 Item Cards 12 Supply Cards 18 Reward Cards 42 Command Cards 12 Condition Cards 1 Initiative Token 45 Damage Tokens 2 Skirmish Mission Cards 8 Terminal Token8 Crate Tokens 15 Condition Tokens 35 Strain Tokens 20 Mission Tokens 1 Entrance Token 4 Activation Tokens 20 ID Tokens w/ 60 ID Stickers 12 Ally and Villain Tokens Dark Vader Villain Pack Luke Skywalker Ally Pack