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221B Baker Street: Master Detective Game

John N Hanson Co

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The Classic Games Collection 221B Baker Street Game features 20 original Sherlock Holmes adventures written by mystery writers. Each player figuratively dons the detective's iconic deerstalker hat and pipe and takes a turn being the sleuth. This Sherlock Holmes board game lets you travel the streets of London to find clues that might help them solve the case. Once you unravel the mystery out in the field, you then return to Sherlock Holmes' residence at 221B for the big reveal. This game will provide hours of entertainment for Holmes fans or for anyone who just enjoys a good mystery. It includes 20 original Sherlock Holmes cases and is suitable for two to six players. This mystery board game comes with a game board, Scotland Yard cards, skeleton key cards, a die and a checklist pad. There's also a clue booklet and an answer booklet.