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A Feast for Odin


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In this epic game, command a band of Vikings to trade, hunt, raid, pillage, and plunder in search of wealth and glory for your tribe. A Feast for Odin is a saga in the form of a board game, from acclaimed designer Uwe Rosenberg. In this strategic worker placement game for one to four players, you will experience the Viking way of life. Each player explores new territories—and raids the villages they find there—to increase their wealth and glory, while also taking part in day-to-day activities such as gathering food to feed their band of hungry Vikings. In the end, the player whose possessions carry the greatest value is the winner. Contents:  Rulebook 1 Action Board 4 Home Boards 1 Small Ship Supply Board 4 2-Sided Exploration Boards 1 Oval Special Supply Board 2 Goods Boxes 8-Sided Die 12-Sided Die 15 Special Tiles 2 Extension Tiles 1 Round Overview Tile 11 Building Tiles 32 Ship Tiles 346 Goods Tiles 125 Silver Coin Tokens 32 Wood Tokens 24 Stone Tokens 40 Ore Tokens 48 Vikings 1 Start Player Moose Token 1 White Round Tracking Cube 7 "Thing Penalty" Tiles