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A First Book of Debussy


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Debussy's music can be daunting to beginning pianists: his abstract sense of composition sometimes makes listeners feel lost, the harmonies are more chromatic than traditional works, and often his use of advanced keys is beyond the grasp of even more experienced players. This compilation, however, makes the composer's works highly accessible to beginning pianists. These introductory arrangements focus on Debussy's melodies and style. The more abstract works are excerpted and presented in manageable samples, and the keys are simplified. Suggested fingerings are also provided. Beginning pianists will be able to enjoy a wide variety of works that previously seemed unapproachable: "Claire de Lune," "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun," "Beau Soir," "Danse Bohémienne," and many other etudes, preludes, and melodies. Best of all, free downloadable MP3s of each piece will familiarize players with the music.