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A First Book of Dvorak


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When you're starting to learn piano, thinking about playing the music of the "great composers" can be quite daunting! This collection offers beginner-level pianists an accessible approach to Antonin Dvorak works. The arrangements focus on his melodies and style, presenting manageable excerpts in simplified keys and with suggested fingerings. Beginners often find the compositions of Antonin Dvorak frustratingly difficult to play, but this introductory volume provides an accessible and satisfying entrie to the Czech composer's oeuvre. Excerpts from his more abstract works are presented in manageable samples, with simplified keys and fingerings, and the pieces are presented in gradually increasing order of difficulty. There are an assortment of Dvorak's well-known and much-loved compositions. Humoresques is a piano cycle inspired by his sojourn in the United States. Slavonic Dances was influenced by Brahms' Hungarian Dances. Flavorful pieces rooted in folk music, including excerpts from the Czech Suite and Prague Waltzes and a pair of lively mazurkas are featured. Other highlights include "Songs My Mother Taught Me," "The Noon Witch," and pieces from cello and violin concertos and symphonic movements. All thirty-six selections are available as downloadable MP3s.and more. Each selection features a brief Introduction that provides historical context and, in some cases, suggestions for performance. Music available as downloadable MP3s via a link or QR code at the beginning of the book. 48 pages, paperback.