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Abraham Lincoln (Daugherty)

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"James Daugherty has turned his pen to the greatest American of them all: Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States. His book is the people's Lincoln, Lincoln the man--seen through the clear eyes of an artist and poet, American to the bone. It is a story to set the blood tingling and fill the heart with sorrow and glory, to set the footsteps of the mind on leaf-fallen Kentucky ground, on Springfield's pavements, and down the hurried streets of Washington in the spring rain. It is a picture of a tumbling, surging young nation with the pioneer states knocking at the door, the era of the coonskin cap and the French brocade. Across its broad canvas pass the lynx-eyed backwoodsmen, the crinolined belles of the plantation South, the slick politicians of wartime Washington in the 1860s, the desperate fighters in blue and gray. It is the sound of battle, and the bands playing 'Dixie,' and the march of tired feet and the trumpets calling." -description from the original 1943 edition It is Lincoln as his contemporaries saw him, as we might see him now. He stalks through these pages with his gangling humorous ways like a well-beloved friend. Originally published in 1943, Daugherty dedicated this beautiful work to his son, "Lieutenant Charles M. Daugherty, American soldier-artist and his comrades in arms throughout the world." In every case where tyranny raises its ugly head, Lincoln has and will continue to stand as America's shining symbol of freedom, justice, and equality. About the Author: James Daugherty (1889-1974), winner of both the Newbery Medal for Daniel Boone (1939), and the Caldecott Honor for Andy and the Lion (1938), is known for his vibrant works depicting the spirit of America. Upon receiving the Newbery Award, Daugherty summed up the spirit of his major lifework: "Wit and taste, beauty and joy are as much a necessary part of the democratic heritage as economics and the utilities...children's books are a part of the art of joy and joy in art that is the certain inalienable right of a free people."