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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 25-Darkness Before Dawn

Tyndale House

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Dr. Regis Blackgaard is back, and this time he’s after more than just revenge. There’s a secret buried deep beneath Whit’s End that he’ll spare no expense to capture. Lucy gets kidnapped. There’s a vandal on the loose. And the events of Eugene’s entire existence in Odyssey come to one dramatic turning point that will change his life forever. It’s an epic adventure of good vs. evil, heroes and villains and a powerful reminder that in the midst of darkness, light always prevails.

Episode # 1 A Little Credit, Please

Episode # 2 Small Fires, Little Pools

Episode # 3 Angels Unaware

Episode # 4 Gathering Thunder

Episode # 5 Moving Targets

Episode # 6 Hard Losses

Episode # 7 The Return

Episode # 8 The Time Has Come

Episode # 9 Checkmate

Episode # 10 Another Chance

Episode # 11 The Last Resort

Episode # 12 The Final Conflict