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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 30-Through Thick & Thin

Tyndale House

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Eugene Meltsner, Odyssey’s reigning chess champion, keeps getting beat by the most unlikely contender–and it’s driving him crazy! Meanwhile, Mandy takes an Imagination Station adventure to see what it takes to change history, and an impending tornado puts a whole new spin on how people see the Rathbones. Don’t miss these stories of truth, discernment and more!

Episode # 1 Leap of Faith

Episode # 2 OT Action News: Jephthah’s Vow

Episode # 3 No Bones About It

Episode # 4 The Joke’s on You

Episode # 5 When in Doubt…Pray!

Episode # 6 Poor Loser

Episode # 7 Tornado!

Episode # 8 A Case of Revenge

Episode # 9 Bernard & Job

Episode # 10 The Spy Who Bugged Me

Episode # 11 More Like Alicia

Episode # 12 Arizona Sunrise