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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 4-FUN-damentals

Tyndale House

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At Whit’s End, life often imitates, well, life. Maybe that’s why so many kids sort out their questions about faith there. Prayer, being Christlike, stewardship, and evangelism are recurring themes that make for one unexpected adventure after another. In Odyssey, the kids don’t just learn lessons. They live them!

Episode # 1 By Faith, Noah

Episode # 2 The Prodigal, Jimmy

Episode # 3 A Matter of Obedience

Episode # 4 A Worker Approved

Episode # 5 And When You Pray. . .

Episode # 6 The Boy Who Didn’t Go To Church

Episode # 7 Let This Mind Be in You

Episode # 8 A Good and Faithful Servant

Episode # 9 The Greatest of These

Episode # 10 Bad Company

Episode # 11 Choices

Episode # 12 Go Ye Therefore

Episode # 13 BONUS! The many voices of actor Walker Edmiston

Episode # 14 BONUS! The creation of Rodney Rathbone

Episode # 15 BONUS! How David Griffin (Jimmy Barclay) got his start

Episode # 16 BONUS! The comic foils of Adventures in Odyssey