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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 40-Out of Control

Tyndale House

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Stand by for chaos! Connie and the gang think they’re doing another a safe, scripted B:TV program. But that’s before the fire, the okra incident and the renegade nose. Meanwhile, Liz’s brother Mark just got engaged. How’s she supposed to fit in now that she’s second fiddle? Missing families, missing identities and missing the point all figure prominently in the 40th installment of Adventures in Odyssey.


Episode # 1 For the Fun of It

Episode # 2 Room Enough for Two

Episode # 3 B-TV: Behind the Scenes

Episode # 4 Bassett Hounds

Episode # 5 It’s All About Me

Episode # 6 The Case of the Disappearing Hortons

Episode # 7 The Defining Moment

Episode # 8 The Mystery at Tin Flat

Episode # 9 All Things to All People

Episode # 10 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Part 1 of 3

Episode # 11 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Part 2 of 3

Episode # 12 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Part 3 of 3