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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 44-Eugene Returns!

Tyndale House

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He was gone for years. And now that he’s back, you’re about to hear a lot more of Eugene! Why was he gone so long and more importantly, why is Whit hiding the fact that he’s back? Meanwhile, Eugene prepares to marry his long-time girlfriend, Katrina. But Connie’s over-the-top wedding plans didn’t call for a burning basement, unruly swans or a missing bride and groom! Eugene Returns! celebrates the long-awaited return of a friend who stayed away far too long.

Episode # 1 The Present Long Ago

Episode # 2 Lost by a Nose

Episode # 3 The Last “I Do”

Episode # 4 Tuesdays with Wooton

Episode # 5 A Most Intriguing Question

Episode # 6 A Most Surprising Answer

Episode # 7 A Most Extraordinary Conclusion

Episode # 8 Two Friends and a Truck

Episode # 9 The Power of One

Episode # 10 The Invisible Dog

Episode # 11 For Better or for Worse, Part 1 of 2

Episode # 12 For Better or for Worse, Part 2 of 2

Episode # 13 BONUS! Studio Outtakes

Episode # 14 BONUS! Alternate scene – Eugene explains where he’s been

Episode # 15 BONUS! Contest winner cameo appearance

Episode # 16 BONUS! Deleted scene from ‘For Better or for Worse’