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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 46-A Date with Dad (and other Calamities)

Tyndale House

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Marvin’s got a job and his sister Tamika is riding around in a hot dog car… what’s going on with the Washington family? And Bart Rathbone becomes an intern at Whit’s End?!? In A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities), meet families just like yours… only with a few more wacky situations! Plus, you’ll join Eugene’s action-packed search for his father—a hunt that takes Whit and Eugene from forgotten relatives, to a spy agency and beyond.

Episode # 1 Dead Ends

Episode # 2 The Poor Rich Guy

Episode # 3 A Cheater Cheated

Episode # 4 Bringing Up Dads

Episode # 5 Broken-Armed and Dangerous

Episode # 6 The Impossible

Episode # 7 Three O’Clock Call

Episode # 8 Switch

Episode # 9 Now More Than Ever

Episode # 10 Around the Block

Episode # 11 A Time for Action, Part 1 of 2

Episode # 12 A Time for Action, Part 2 of 2

Episode # 13 BONUS! Audio commentary on the episode Switch

Episode # 14 BONUS! Preview of Volume 47