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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 47-Into the Light

Tyndale House

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Eugene’s long-awaited reunion with his father fizzles when a ruthless archeologist shows up—and Leonard Meltsner disappears again! Meanwhile, Mandy schemes to get her parents back and Connie goes undercover (as a clown!) at Odyssey’s annual carnival. From a birthday party that turns disastrous to amazing Bible stories, Adventures in Odyssey’s Into the Light entertains the whole family with memorable characters and values that matter!


Episode # 1 Cover of Darkness

Episode # 2 Out of Our Hands

Episode # 3 My Favorite Thing

Episode # 4 Blood, Sweat, and Fears

Episode # 5 The Nudge

Episode # 6 Bernard & Jeremiah

Episode # 7 Mum’s the Word

Episode # 8 The Family Next Door

Episode # 9 Like Father, Like Wooton

Episode # 10 The Chosen One, Part 1 of 2

Episode # 11 The Chosen One, Part 2 of 2

Episode # 12 The Undeniable Truth

Episode # 13 BONUS! The making of ‘Cover of Darkness’

Episode # 14 BONUS! Preview of Volume 48