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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 51-Take it From the Top

Tyndale House

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It’s back to the basics in “Take it from the Top,” the long-anticipated 51st album of Adventures in Odyssey! Enter Whit’s new invention, the Inspiration Station, and find out why Connie wants to spend so much time in it. Solve mysteries with local sleuth Emily Jones, and find out why 10-year-old Matthew Parker doesn’t think being “target of the week” is such a good thing. This album contains family-oriented episodes about everyday life in Odyssey with relevant messages and top-notch fun. Catch up with Whit, Connie, Eugene, and Wooton, and meet the new families as they learn lessons about responsibility, revenge, and God-given inspiration. Whether on a baseball field, at home, or at Whit’s End, there’s never a dull moment in the town of Odyssey!


Episode # 1 The Inspiration Station, Part 1 of 2

Episode # 2 The Inspiration Station, Part 2 of 2

Episode # 3 Clutter

Episode # 4 Game for a Mystery

Episode # 5 Target of the Week

Episode # 6 For the Birds

Episode # 7 When You’re Right, You’re Right

Episode # 8 Grandma’s Visit

Episode # 9 Finish What You…

Episode # 10 The Jubilee Singers, Part 1 of 3

Episode # 11 The Jubilee Singers, Part 2 of 3

Episode # 12 The Jubilee Singers, Part 3 of 3

Episode # 13 BONUS! Chris outtake

Episode # 14 BONUS! The music of the Jubilee Singers

Episode # 15 BONUS! Song: The Gospel Train