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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 54-Clanging Cymbals… and the Meaning of God’s Love

Tyndale House

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What is the true meaning of love? The kids in Odyssey will find out even while the town is buzzing with competition. A scavenger hunt pits Matthew, Jay, and Barrett against each other in a musical extravaganza. Can Barrett take his eyes off the prize to focus on what’s truly important? Meanwhile, Olivia struggles to show “”brotherly love”” when Matthew wants to take away her role as Wooton’s camp assistant and Eugene must decide how to be honest when Connie showers him with a string of gifts…that he can’t stand. Integrity, trust, and forgiveness are all put to the test as the folks in Odyssey learn the lessons of 1 Corinthians 13.


Episode # 1 Wooton Knows Best

Episode # 2 A Penny Saved

Episode # 3 The Amazing Loser

Episode # 4 Anger Mismanagement

Episode # 5 Forgiving More…or Less

Episode # 6 You’re Two Kind

Episode # 7 A Penny Earned

Episode # 8 Never for Nothing

Episode # 9 Emily the Genius

Episode # 10 How to Sink a Sub

Episode # 11 Unbecoming Jay

Episode # 12 Childish Things

Episode # 13 BONUS! A Deleted Scene from ‘How to Sink a Sub’