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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 63-Up in the Air

Tyndale House

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Wooton Bassett returns from his honeymoon with two major problems – Penny is missing and his memory is gone! The journey to find his new bride means probing the depths of Wooton’s crazy mind while also reliving his honeymoon – everything from skydiving in Nicaragua to singing on stage with Wooton’s favorite band, the Pool Boys! Meanwhile, Eugene and Connie deal with the highs and lows of raising teenagers. Connie’s half-sister Jules tries to recreate her life in Los Angeles by making a new friend – school troublemaker Valerie Swanson. And when Connie’s driving lessons leave fingernail marks on the dashboard, Jules turns to another source to teach her — Odyssey’s new licensed driver, Buck Oliver. You’ll learn the meaning of true friendship and love as you come along for the heart-changing, risk-taking experience of a lifetime!

Episode # 1 Find a Penny, Part 1

Episode # 2 Find a Penny, Part 2

Episode # 3 Bonus: Full Song From “I’m in the Deep End Over You”

Episode # 4 Friend or Foe

Episode # 5 Have a Heart

Episode # 6 Bonus: The Story Behind “Have a Heart”

Episode # 7 B-TV: Revenge

Episode # 8 Bonus: Extra Sketch: Roman Ad Agency

Episode # 9 Crash Course