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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 64-Under the Surface

Tyndale House

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A scuba diving adventure leads to an unlikely investigation as Wooton and Penny try to find the owner of a camera they discovered at the bottom of Trickle Lake. And that’s not the only long-hidden secret being uncovered in Odyssey! When Whit sends Olivia and Matthew on an Imagination Station adventure to the Old Testament, the pair discover that their heroes have unpleasant dark sides, too. The Jones & Parker Detective Agency investigates an author’s long-lost final manuscript and discovers that the mystery may be bigger than they ever imagined. And after Buck laments his lack of family connections, Eugene takes him on a road trip to find out more about his personal history. In these six thrilling adventures, you’ll discover why millions of people can’t wait to hear another exciting adventure in Odyssey!

Episode # 1 Your Honest Opinion, Please

Episode # 2 The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse

Episode # 3 Sir Buddy’s Snowy Day

Episode # 4 David and Absalom, Part 1

Episode # 5 David and Absalom, Part 2

Episode # 6 Bonus: Behind the Scenes of David and Absalom

Episode # 7 Out of the Picture