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Adventures in Odyssey Volume 67-More than Meets the Eye

Tyndale House

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When Emily and Matthew find themselves trapped inside an unfinished escape room, their only way out is to follow the clues and unlock the door before time runs out. Elsewhere, wide receiver Buck Oliver faces unexpected challenges when his high school football team hires Eugene as its new assistant coach. And Connie’s wedding planning business takes an odd turn when someone close to the couple asks her to break up the wedding. All that and more in these six adventure-filled stories.

Episode # 1 Rightly Dividing

Episode # 2 BONUS: Behind the Scenes of Rightly Dividing

Episode # 3 Man of the House

Episode # 4 Page from the Playbook

Episode # 5 A Sacrificial Escape

Episode # 6 Nightmares by Constance, Part 1 of 2

Episode # 7 Nightmares by Constance, Part 2 of 2