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Alphabet Lacing Cards

Melissa & Doug

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Practice your letters and build fine motor skills at the same time! This value-packed learning set has a shaped lacing board for every letter of the alphabet. Each one features a colorful illustration on one side and a label on the back, complete with oversize uppercase and lowercase letters. Use the cards as flashcards, match the lace colors to the borders, or string together the entire alphabet - there are lots of ways to learn and play! Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: Together with the child, "read" the card as a sentence: "A-a-a-apple begins with A." Turn the card around to show the letter as you complete the sentence. After identifying the object and letter on a card, help the child think of more words that begin with the same letter. Have the child trace the letters with a fingertip. Encourage the child to lace the cards with laces that match the card border or the main object color. Help the child try different methods of lacing, such as looping around the edge with each stitch, or criss-crossing the card to create intersecting lines. Select specific cards that are meaningful to the child, such as a first initial or favorite object. Create a small collection of these special cards and use a lace to connect them into a custom letter book. With the letter sides facing up, help the child place all the cards in alphabetical order. Sing the alphabet song together when the row is complete, pointing to each card as you say its letter name. With the letter sides facing down, help the child place all the cards in alphabetical order using only the pictures as a guide. When the row is complete, try singing the alphabet song using the object names instead of letters! Use the laces to connect the cards in a long row to create an alphabet wall hanging. Choose a few cards and create a simple story about them. Ask the child to help add to the story, bringing in additional cards to expand the storyline as needed.