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Amazing Animal Journeys

DK Publishing

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Join animals on their epic adventures, and travel through the natural world with them.
Across the world, billions of animals are embarking on incredible journeys. Many are in search of food, some are looking for a mate, lots are heading to a warmer climate, and others are just seeking a new home.
Follow the mass migrations of entire species with facts and maps that tell the stories of nature’s most amazing journeys. Discover the record-breaking flight of the Arctic Tern, the sharks that follow plankton for enormous distances, spiderlings that shoot strands of thread into the air and ride them like a balloon, and the Monarch butterflies who use Earth’s magnetic field to trace a path along the west coast of North America.
Amazing Animal Journeys is the perfect book for the animal obsessed and the endlessly curious who just can’t get enough of wildlife and nature. With engaging information and absorbing images, it’s perfect for children to explore by themselves or with an equally curious adult.