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Anchors Aweigh!


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Adventure awaits in Anchors Aweigh!, but have you packed the right equipment to prepare for what lies ahead?

The game lasts two rounds, with two phases in each round. To set up, give everyone a ship that has room for twelve items (four under the deck out of view of others), then dump all of the equipment tiles in the center of the table. Take thirteen adventure cards in the appropriate number of the appropriate types (discovery, trade, pirates, contract), then lay them out in a circle around the equipment.

When everyone is ready, reveal the adventure cards, then race to fill your ship with equipment tiles using only one hand, adding two colored goods in the special slots for those. Whoever finishes first scoops the cards up so that everyone else has to finish equipping their ship without seeing what's coming. You then shuffle the cards, then reveal them one by one:

  • Discovery: When this type of card is revealed, you can discard the 1 or 2 equipment tiles shown to receive the goods or money instead. Whenever you receive goods, they must be placed in an empty space on your ship; you can discard equipment to make room for them, if you wish.
  • Trade: You can trade the one good on the left of the card for the 2-3 goods on the right, if you wish.
  • Pirates: Before revealing this card, every player must say either fight or flee. If you flee, nothing happens to you. If you fight, you must be able to discard the equipment shown on the card or else you're penalized and must ditch some money and aa good; if you do have the equipment to drive the pirates away, you receive the reward shown on the card.
  • Contract: Place this on the bottom of the deck until only contract cards remain, then reveal them one by one. If you have the 1-4 goods showing on the card, you can discard them to get the monetary reward.

At the end of the round, convert every remaining good into 1 coin, then for each ten coins, convert them into a treasure chest and place it on an empty space in your boat. Now you'll have less room on board for the second leg of this trip, which plays out nearly identically to the first one.

In the end, whoever has the most money wins!