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Ancient China (History Grade 4-6)


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Welcome to the fascinating world of ancient China - a land where silk cloth was produced 5,000 years ago; a land where written language emerged 3,500 years ago; and a land whose inventions dramatically changed not only China, but the rest of the world. The activities in the book provide insight into the history, dynasties, emperors, religions, customs, culture, inventions, arts, architecture, and daily life of ancient China. Our popular Illuminating History series is now available with PowerPoint CDs! Each 32-page book includes a CD with 8 full-color illustrations and corresponding blackline reproducible pages in a PowerPoint format. You can now use your ink-jet or laser printer to produce both reproducible worksheets and color images. Since printed worksheets are also bound in the book, you can always make copies with a photocopier. For classrooms, the illustrations can be printed on plastic fur use with an overhead projector, or they can be shown as a PowerPoint presentation on computer monitors and multimedia projectors. Each 32 worksheet pages, 8 color illustrations.