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Ant Colony

Outset Media

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Ant Colony is a co-operative board game for ages 5+. The goal is to work together by placing tiles in a path that build an ant colony, while watching out for pesky anteaters, hidden rocks and angry beetles. The tile based game requires light strategy and team communication.

The mission is to place the tiles on the board so that it includes a path with at least 2 unblocked entrances and all 4 of the Room tiles.

Spread all the tiles face down in a draw pile next to the game board.
The Tunnel and Room tiles can only be played where all tunnels on the tile join when placed beside adjacent Tunnel tiles. There cannot be any Tunnel tiles that do not join a path, however the path can end next to an obstacle, like a beetle or rock. Players take turns making decisions about where to place their tiles.

When all 4 Room tiles have been placed with 2 unblocked entrances, the task has been completed!