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Apologia Exploring Creation With General Science 2nd Edition Lapbook Journal

Walter Foster Publishing

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Easily create your own lapbook with this pre-printed, ready-to-go format!

This set of lap booking pages accompanies the sold-separately "Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Edition". Most lap booking products are loaded with crafts and "artsy" projects that Middle and High School students are often moving beyond--however, they still enjoy a hands-on experience! Combining lap booking with journaling, the Lapbook Journal is divided into 3 sections, all kept within the same (not included) 3" three-ring-binder; simply organize these pages and you're ready to start learning!

The first section is the "Journal" section, which includes space to answer all of the "On Your Own" questions within each module. These pages are "Note booking" style, and the questions are printed out next to space for the student to write the answers. These pages may include decorative borders, graphics, or diagrams that are related to the topic about which the student will be writing.

The second section is the "Lapbook" section, which is similar to traditional lapbooks, but without folders in which to place the booklets. The student cuts, folds, and glues the booklets onto cardstock pages within the binder. All of the booklets represent the "Study Guide" questions at the end of each module.

The third section is "Lab Journal." This section includes general lab forms for each lab within the book.

Eliminate the dull and tedious task of writing the questions and answers into a traditional notebook! Why not step up to a "Lapbook Journal," and see your students improve their memory of the material and actually ENJOY and look forward to their studies? A wonderful way to review and exhibit work, this binder replaces any other notebook that they may have otherwise been kept (other than their record of their lab experiments).

This printed set includes the actual, printed pages (and is not a CD-ROM). Pages are printed on the recommended colored paper, with some thicker when appropriate; pages are already three-hole-punched. This stack of pages is approximately 2.75" thick.