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Aqua Maze Twist


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TOYS THAT TEACH: Exercise your hand-eye coordination and spatial skills while putting your imagination to the test! Building and playing with the Aqua Maze Marble Run from MindWare is a great way to introduce children to the basic principles of physics. ENDLESS POSSIBILITES: From vertical water wheels to spraying spinners and spouts, kids can get their feet wet as they build, pour, splash, laugh and learn. Use the included step-by-step building guide or create your own structure, the possibilities are endless with the Aqua Maze Marble Run. EARLY LEARNING: By experimenting with different parts of the Aqua Maze your child will discover the magic of physics. How many drops of water or how many marbles does it take to fill the water dumper and make it tip? NO HASSLE CREATIONS: The Aqua Maze Marble Run from MindWare will be a favorite among youngsters and is the perfect introduction to marble runs with pieces that go together and pull apart with ease. INCLUDES: 96 building pieces, 20 floating marbles, inflatable plastic mat, large scoop, dropper and instruction guide (for ages 4 and up)