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Aquarium Fish Stained Glass Coloring Book


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Create a series of glowing aquariums on paper with the attractive, accurate depictions of aquarium life in this exciting stained glass coloring book. Illustrator Carolyn Relei has produced fascinating, realistic images of 16 different tropical and other aquarium fish. Boldly outlined on translucent paper, the illustrations depict these varieties: Angelfish; Goldfish; Marbled Hatchetfish; Kissing Gourami; Zebra Danio; Betta; Coown Loach; Spiny Eel; Swordtail; Neon Tetra; Tiger Oscar; Discus; Guppy; Tiger Barb; Harlequin Fish; and Rosay Tetra.Bring these dazzling creatures vividly to life simply by coloring them with crayons, felt-tip pens, or paints. Then place the pictures in a window or near another light source to produce splendid stained glass effects. An identification guide is included, along with coloring suggestions.