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Armed Forces Origami


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"Good, clean fun for anyone." — Sharing Craft IdeasAssemble your own origami strike force with the models in this action-packed guide. Paperfolders with an interest in military weapons and vehicles will be captivated by this unique collection, the first of its kind to feature projects based on equipment employed by ground, sea, and air forces. Fifteen models include Trident, Hornet, and other missiles, machine guns, aircraft carriers, jet fighters, battle copters, and more. Clear, step-by-step directions and diagrams accompany each of the complex figures, which are suitable for folders of advanced skills. Best of all, the models are designed to be functional. By using foil paper and spray painting the completed projects, you can make the ships float in water, fly the jets, command the transformers to transform, and mount the missiles on the vehicles in order to perform a coordinated amphibious assault. Dover Original. 128 pages