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Artistic Pursuits Elementary 4-5 Book 1

Artistic Pursuits

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Artistic Pursuits is a top-selling, award-winning curriculum that does an excellent job of combining art appreciation with art instruction and interesting art projects. It is by far our favorite art curriculum because it combines art appreciation with art projects that teach art technique based on the concepts taught by looking at and discussing the masterpiece presented in each lesson. This is the best way to instill creativity in children, by allowing them to appreciate the Masters and letting them use their own imagination to make their own masterpiece:) This book is the answer for the child who wants to learn to draw more realistically but doesn't know where to start. It incorporates the creative aspects of making art into each lesson. Students can begin this book without prior knowledge of art and work independently without the need for parental instruction. Children learn to see the elements of art in nature and in artwork by American masters. They will learn the techniques that artists use and produce a final work that requires assimilation of the knowledge gained in the three previous lessons within the unit. Each element is fully covered through this process of learning and builds on the others through simple yet engaging lessons. Children find, to their delight, that they are asked to choose the subject they want to draw. This results in a meaningful works of art as children fully engage in the process. In this way, children create real works of art from the beginning to the end of the book, without boring practice routines or copying methods. Children watch their artistic skills improve and are encouraged by the works they produce. Children acquire skills in pencil drawing, scratch art, and markers. The text is short and to the point and over 230 illustrations enhance visual understanding of the concepts. The content and conversational tone is perfectly suited to the age level. The book provides lessons for the completion of sixty-eight finished drawings that are both original and entirely the child's own. Retail  $47.95