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Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book 1

Artistic Pursuits

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This book is sure to delight young children with over 185 colorful illustrations and great Master paintings. Lessons capture each child's interests and imagination while introducing the fundamental principles of the visual arts. Parents read a simple ten-minute lesson with their child that includes art appreciation. The topic is pointed out in a full - color work of art by well-known Masters like Rivera, Chagall, De Hooch, Van Gogh and more. This time is followed with a project that allows children to immediately apply their new knowledge of the subject, while creating works of art from their own experiences and observations, making each piece produced personal and unique. A study of ancient art is included that expands the child's understanding of what art is and where we find it. Children look at works by cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome and more. This book provides lessons for the completion of thirty-six finished drawings, paintings, and sculptures that are both original and wholly the child's own. "The instruction is so well-suited to the book's audience of kindergarten to 3rd graders. Mrs. Ellis uses a conversational style of writing that is so appealing to younger children, yet her curriculum never "talks down" to them nor does it go over their heads!