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Artistic Pursuits Middle School Book 2

Artistic Pursuits

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Allow your student's artistic side room to flourish with Artistic Pursuits! Requiring no expertise or experience, students will benefit from a complete overview of the artistic process from concept to creation. Developing observational skills important in art while involving students in the creative process, Artistic Pursuits is a full-fledged art program that teaches art history, the elements of art and composition, and media and technique while encouraging students towards creative expression. The "Middle School Grades 6-8" series of books introduces students to the elements of art and composition as well as art history through full-color reproductions of artwork and enjoyable hands-on art projects. Middle School Book 2 focuses on color pastels (monochrome, complementary pairs, color application) and composition (rhythm, depth, high and low viewpoints). Each Book 2 lesson fills five pages that follow the same format. The first page, "Building a visual vocabulary," explains the topic and makes connections to real world experiences. The second and third pages focus on Art Appreciation and Art History as students apply their new observations and learn about artists and the time they lived in. The fourth page covers techniques and how to use the materials and tools of art. The project is the last step, and includes pictures that other students have completed as well as a list of materials needed. Projects include landscapes, portraits, taking photos, mixing various textures, drawing life objects, and more. Middle School books are written directly to the student and are designed to be completed independently. Lessons take one hour at minimum; two classes per week are suggested in order to complete the curriculum in a year. 32 lessons. A list of all required materials is provided at the front of the book. This revised and expanded 3rd edition offers additional art instruction specific to art materials and techniques used by artists. 92 pages, comb binding with plastic protector-cover. Middle School Book 2, Grades 6-8.