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Artistic Pursuits The Way They See It

Artistic Pursuits

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Do you wish you could look inside your child’s mind to see what is behind the artwork your preschooler just handed to you? This book shows caring adults the stages of artistic development that children go through and discusses how to nurture awareness of the world and bring it to life in a child. It offers information on the first steps your three, four, or five-year-old will take when pursuing creativity as it is expressed through art. Used regularly, this book will expand the scope and vision of what is possible for young artists. Twenty-six art appreciation lessons feature Master works by artists as diverse as Hokusai, Hicks, and O’O'Keeffe. Each lesson is followed by a project, giving preschoolers an early experience with the processes of making art. The First Skills section offers practical advice on correct handling of scissors, drawing tools, adhesives and paint with ten additional project ideas. This is not a coloring or activity book. It begins at the true beginning of any artistic production; seeing. As children become aware of the world in which they live, they will create original works of art in the way they see it. Each lesson begins with information for the parent on the nature of children’s artistic development that will help in understanding their art. Parents learn methods of teaching using real world examples that work with the purposes children have for making art. This book will suggest ways to turn art times into real educational experiences, resulting in enthusiastic artists who are ready to learn more, see more, and create more art.