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Bank Account Math

Remedia Publications

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Practical Activities to Teach How to Use a Bank Account
Students practice applying their math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, addition, fractions, and decimals. They also gain valuable, practical knowledge about the important survival skill of handling money and using a bank account, debit card, withdrawing and depositing money, and more. This 64 -page book includes a glossary and an answer key.

Realistic Math Practice Includes:
-Practical Math Activities
-Realistic Word Problems
-High-Interest Lessons
-Making Purchases
-Writing Checks
-Recording Transactions
-Making Deposits
-Reading Level 6-8

More About This Book
Prepare students to manage their money successfully! Understanding how to responsibly use a bank account is a crucial life skill for independent living. Students will find out what's needed to apply for a bank account. Detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions show students how to fill out a check and deposit slip, use a debit card, fill out a transaction register, shop online, and much more! High-interest activities include comparing a transaction register with an account statement, registering for online banking, setting up a PayPal account, and creating an automatic payment using an eCheck. Consumer math skills are highlighted through lots of practice with real-life word problems. Students are asked to add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide money to find a solution. Some activities require students to use fractions and figure percentages. Improve your students' real-life money skills!