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Beginning Geography: Grades K-2

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Build the foundations for geography literacy! Beginning Geography makes it easy to introduce K–2 students to geography skills. Based on the National Geography Standards, the 93 reproducible practice pages cover beginning map skills, landforms and bodies of water, and continents and oceans. You'll love Beginning Geography because it: introduces primary students to important geography concepts. Give your grade K–2 students the geography skills practice they need to successfully tackle the geography curriculum now and in the future. features two full-color fold-out maps that support students' multiple skill levels. One poster is a simple world map that makes it easy for young students to understand beginning geography concepts. The other poster focuses on the landforms and bodies of water studied in each unit. contains activities that easily fit into your curriculum. Because the activities don't need to be done sequentially, you can pick and choose activities that fit in with your curriculum. presents students with geography content vocabulary. Vocabulary introduced in each lesson helps students build the foundation they need to understand geography concepts now and in the future. provides cumulative reviews that work as a formal assessment. Cumulative reviews at the end of each section help you gauge students' progress. Reviews range in difficulty and are presented in a variety of formats, including multiple-choice, and work as a formal assessment of students' skill acquisition. What's InsideBeginning Geography comes with 93 reproducible pages that help you introduce students to the first three essential elements of geography as outlined by the National Geography Standards. Activities cover the following geography skills: Section 1: Map Skills What Is a Map? Positional Words Cardinal Directions Compass Rose Map Symbols Map Key Distance on a Map Borders on a Map Map Grids Section 2: Landforms and Bodies of Water Hills and Mountains Islands and Volcanoes Deserts and Plains Canyons and Valleys Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers Landforms and Bodies of Water Center and Minibook Section 3: Continents and Oceans Introduction to the Seven Continents and Four Oceans What Is a Globe? A Closer Look at the Seven Continents Continents Games Animals Around the World Introduce your students to the beginning geography skills they need to build a better understanding of the cultural and physical world—use Beginning Geography with your class today!This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.