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Beginning Worship Guitar: Instructional DVD

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If you have ever taken part in worship and had your heart cry out ot join those playing music, Beginning Worship Guitar provides you with the perfect place to start.

Fully coordinated with the pages of the Beginning Worship Guitar book, the Beginning Worship GuitarDVD companion provides clear, detailed, and easy-to-follow demonstrations of worship guitar basics, including:

  • Tuning the guitar
  • Reading chord diagrams
  • Holding the pick and strumming smoothly
  • Playing chords in popular keys
  • Keeping steady rhythms
  • And much more!

Beginning Worship Guitar will get you familiar and comfortable with the skills and methods that are essential to you, the aspiring worship guitarist. You'll also learn brand-new worship songs arranged specifically for the beginning guitarist.


"Sandy inspired me to learn the guitar and bring it into my personal prayer times. Now a whole new level of closeness has been added as I express my love to God, singing songs of worship to Him on my own. Maybe one day, I'll want to lead others in worship too."

Kevin Sutter, Director, Youth With A Mission Arcata, California, Assistant Pastor, Arcata First Baptist Church

"Sandy has often been a source of inspiration and wisdom to me through his heart to worship God and his ability to convey truth. Beginning Worship Guitar is a must-have."

Mike Ash, Musician, Composer with "Thirsty Child" YWAM Axiom, New Haven, Connecticut

"Sandy has an enthusiasm to worship God in truth and with skill, emotion, and beauty. He not only endeavors to do this himself but desires to help others discover the joy of passionate worship!"

Karen Lafferty, Composer, Musician, Director, YWAM Santa Fe, New Mexico