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Bible Word Searches

Grace Publications

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Bible Word Searches is a wonderful way to inspire children at the second-grade level to learn about the Bible and words relating to it. In addition, the children will also practice such important skills as vocabulary development, word recognition, visual discrimination, spelling, and more as they complete the word searches.  Pages 2-23 each feature a letter of the alphabet and 12 Bible words that begin with the letter. The rest of the pages contain words relating to familiar Bible heroes and stories and to Christian values and principles. Also included on most of these later pages are the locations in the Bible where the stories or heroes can be found. Read these stories to the children and discuss their importance with them. The words on pages 2-28 can be found across or down. The words on pages 29-56 can be found across, down, or diagonally.  This book provides a truly wonderful way for children to learn about God, his principles, and his teachings while learning other valuable skills at the same time.