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Big Codes, Puzzles & More!

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Imagination soars, as your child also builds logic and problem-solving skills. Big codes, puzzles and more is loaded with crossword puzzles, games, word searches, riddles, codes, and other big learning disguised as pure fun. For example, monster appetites shows the fraction of a pizza each monster, including a griffin and a cyclops, devoured. Or use logic as the key to unlocking a mysterious problem: while you're exploring an exotic temple in a dense jungle, a door suddenly slams shut. Create a legendary numbers grid to break free reinforcing decimal points becomes both amusing and extremely practical by using real-world prices and numbers such as highway speeds, the price of a new computer, and the call numbers of a radio station. As your child cracks codes, hunts for words, and completes crosswords, he or she will also be learning history and social studies, as well as fun and important facts about sports, nature, and more. With over 300 activities, kids are sure to be entertained for hours. Turn rainy days, waiting rooms, and travel time into big skill- and knowledge-enhancing opportunities.